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Freshman Year Bucket List (Special Edition)

Freshman Year Bucket List (Special Edition)

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Part of the proceeds from this book support communities.
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Keilani’s entire summer was haunted by memories of Carter. Which was almost as annoying as her relatives acting surprised when she told them she was going to be pre-med in college. Just because she designed her senior prom dress, doesn’t mean her love for fashion is more than a hobby. Besides, pre-med has always been the plan for college so her parents can ultimately get a “return on their investment”. This means that once she starts her freshman year at the University of Notre Dame, there will be no time for doubts or distractions of not-so-distant memories with Carter. Everything needs to be perfect, and it will be as long as she checks off everything on her Freshman Year Bucket List.

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Freshman Year Bucket List is more than a book

It's an Experience

Engage in interactive experiences that bring Freshman Year Bucket List to life. From our pop-ups in Los Angeles to events on college campuses, your book gives you exclusive access.

Stay tuned to see where we go next!

It's Philanthropy

Freshman Year Bucket List is a book that gives back. Proceeds from every sale goes to some of your favorite charities and organizations.

It's a Community

Launching soon, Freshman Year Bucket List is your membership card to an exclusive fandom community of other readers complete with giveaways and other surprises.

More than a story.

Freshman Year Bucket List